Thrillers, Fillers, & Spillers

Proven Winners® Design technique for creating upscale containers!


Utilizing the Proven Winner's Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers concept will make your containers stand out above the rest.

This concept can be applied to patio containers, window boxes and even incorporated into your garden plantings.



Thrillers are plants that will add height to your planting, such as; ornamental grassses or vertically flowering plants like Angelonia.

Fillers are mounding plants that will fill the space around your thriller plant.  Some of our favorite examples of fillers are airy Euphorbia Diamond Frost® or Supertunia® Bordeaux.

Spillers are trailing plants that will hang over the edge of your container and draw your eye visually throughout the planting.  Ipomea's are always a great choice for spillers, but you don't have to limit yourself.  Try anything that will trail; like Sutera Snowstorm® Giant Snowflake® or Lysimachia Goldilocks.